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Mountain Ecosystem and Man (Eds. Sanjay Arora, Negi, B.S., Bhan, S., Bali, J.S. and Bharti, V.K.) (2013) ISBN: 978-81-909228-4-5 Price Rs. 1000/-

Advances in Soil and Water Resource Management For Food and Livelihood Security (Eds. Suraj Bhan and Sanjay Arora) (2015) ISBN: 978-81-909228-5-2 Price Rs. 1000/-  Download Contents

Natural Resource Management in Arid and Semi-Arid Ecosystem for Climate Resilient Agriculture (Eds. N.K. Pareek and Sanjay Arora) 2016. ISBN: 978-81-909228-6-9)   Download Contents

International Conference on Soil and Water Resources Management for Climate | Smart Agriculture, Global Food and Livelihood Security   Download Contents